VVT Unlocker For Gen-IV and -V GM V8

Whenever new hardware from the OEM is released, there are always companies looking to offer one-off components designed to either improve the way a vehicle looks, performs, or generally operates. Given the fact that such is the case with the VVT systems found in both the Gen-IV and Gen-V V8 engines from General Motors, it shouldn’t come to a shock to anyone that there are also tools available that make modifying your late-model GM easier.

Such is the case with MS Racing Components, founded by Mike Scano, and his VVT Unlocker tool. We’ve recently spoken to Mike on the phone, and below, is his assertion about his new product. You can also view a video of how it works at the bottom of the page.

Official Release:

MS Racing Components formed in 2013 to develop a line of tools to
allow easy piston-to-valve (PTV) clearance measurements on late-model engines utilizing variable-valve-timing (VVT) technology.

With the increasing popularity of VVT technology, when upgrading to a high performance camshaft with increased duration/lift PTV clearance becomes an issue. PTV clearance can’t be verified when the camshaft in the full retarded position since the VVT cam gear phaser is locked when there is no oil pressure.

MS VVTThe MS Racing Components VVT Unlocker simply replaces the OEM VVT cam gear phaser valve bolt during camshaft degreeing and PVT clearance measurements. Shop compressor air is than used to unlock the VVT cam phaser making PTV clearance measurements possible.

MS Racing Components currently offers a patent pending VVT cam phaser VVT Unlocker (part number MSVVT-1 for the 2007-2013 LS GM Gen-IV engines, and part number MSVVT-2 for the 2014-UP LT1/L83/L86 based GM Gen-V engines using VVT technology).

For more information about MS Racing Components products, visit www.msracingcomponents.com.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Makes VVT cam swaps easier

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