VIDEO: ZZPerformance ATS-V vs Ferrari 458 at GingerMan Raceway

ZZPerformance is not messing around when it comes to power. They are known for engineering unique parts for your car that you are not going to find laying on a shelf in some local parts store. In 2013, they added the Cadillac ATS platform to their catalog, and they have been developing high-performance parts for the cars ever since. When Cadillac released a “V” version of the CTS for the 2016 year, they were one of the first aftermarket companies to start designing parts to really up the power of these already intimidating Caddys.

One of their test mules for 2016 has been Turbo Tim’s Cadillac ATS-V. They’ve been using this car to fabricate parts for the product line, and their updates on the car have left the internet drooling. This is one of only a handful of ATS-V project cars floating around as the platform is still earning the trust of horsepower enthusiasts, especially since it has a V6 engine without a V8 option.

Even still, the 3.6L engine makes a hefty 464 horsepower from the factory floor. On the dragstrip, the car runs low 12’s stock, but it’s more at home on a road race style track thanks to the independent five-link with magnetic ride control rearend. In addition to the rearend, GM also gives this high-performance ATS a MacPherson-type suspension with dual lower ball joints and direct-acting stabilizer bar, magnetic ride control with monotube inverted struts, four-channel StabiliTrak with brake assist and traction control, and Performance Traction Management. So it arrived at ZZPerformance with a lot of potential that they’ve built upon in their shop.

All of the modifications are ZZP parts, naturally, including the trailing arms, LF4 downpipes, cold air intake, flex fuel kit, and tune. A set of Nexen 245 front/275 rear tires keeps it planted, and this added up to a 1.41 lap time at Gingerman Raceway recently. Not only did it scorch through the course, it also nipped at a Ferrari 458, with the super car unable to shake the ATS-V. Towards the end, the Ferrari driver either slowed down and signaled for Tim to pass, or flipped him the bird, we’re not sure, but keeping pace with a nearly 600 horsepower 3,076 lbs car is mighty impressive either way! We can’t wait to see the current dyno numbers on this beast.

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