VIDEO: ZZP 3800 Dyno Day 2018 Official Recap

In the world of 3800 and GM W-Body enthusiasts, there’s not a lot of support or nurturing that goes on for these kinds of car guys, but they are certainly out there! Some very interesting late-model(ish) GM cars were made on this platform, like the supercharged Regal GS/GSX, Grand Prix GTP/GTX, and the Monte Carlo and Impala SS.

So it begs the question as to why there isn’t a lot of aftermarket, tuning, dyno, and event support for these cars. One very popular late model GM shop, ZZPerformance, recently hosted just the thing the 3800 and W-Body crowd needed when they recently offered them their own exclusive dyno day. It was the perfect setting for the event, especially considering all ZZP has done for this niche of the late-model GM community. 

ZZPerformance started back in 2000 out of Zoomer Iwuagwu’s garage, and became the world’s largest supplier of aftermarket performance parts for the 3800 platform. They saw the demand since this is one the most produced engine in history, and by jumping on offering a huge selection of aftermarket parts, they were able to get some heavy traction that allowed them to expand even more. 

A year after claiming the space of being the number one supplier of aftermarket performance parts for the 3800 platform, they went on to add supporting aftermarket parts for the Ecotec platform with the same amount of vigor.

By 2010, they became the top supplier of the Ecotec platform, and ZZPerformance supplies parts to some of the fastest and highest horsepower street driven LSJ, LNF and LE5 powered cars. 

This event brings that all together and the supplier got a chance to show their loyal customers that they are serious about supporting the platforms, and will continue to do so. It had a great showing of some of the baddest 3800, Ecotec, and W-Body GM cars around. 

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