VIDEO: Watch This 9-Second Blown G8 Zoom Down the Track

The G8 movement seems to be at a fever pitch over the last year or so. People have turned to Pontiac’s last V8 car to provide a base for an excellent track car. This Pontiac G8 is an excellent example of the modifying going on in the G8 community. It’s one big, bad 4-door, with all of the trappings of a race winning street car.

With enough room for a driver and three passengers to (comfortably) ride in, the rear-wheel drive G8 didn’t get to shine during its production era. You see, it wasn’t the fault of the G8 — like so many things during the time, the G8 fell victim to the economic downfall, and ultimate demise of the Pontiac brand.

Thanks to a resurgence of gearheads looking for new projects, they’re making a comeback. Since they have all of the LS benefits, easy to work on, good parts availability, and are super responsive to mods, enthusiasts are naturally drawn to them. Now throw in a real backseat with 4-door access, and there’s no arguing the versatility of the G8s.

So what does it take to make a Pontiac G8 a track dominator?

We’ve got a pretty good idea after checking out this 9-second 4-door. It’s got a 6.0L engine with a forged bottom end, crank, rods, and pistons, a D1 ProCharger with 18-lbs. of boost, and then there’s a 100-shot of spray juicing through the engine. Custom tuning has it well dialed in, and a built 4L80e moves the power through the drivetrain. The G8 is equipped with a dual fuel pump system, and runs on Q16 fuel at the track. To top it off, it’s also got an Alky Control Methanol kit.

When you put this extreme setup under the hood of a ~3,800 pound car, the result is a blazingly fast 9.36 at 144 mph 1/4-mile E/T — this sedan is on fire!


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