VIDEO: Unicorn C5 vs Leroy the Savage

Cleetus and Kyle, aka Unicorn C5 and Leroy the Savage, arranged for a showdown at the Raceway Park of the Midlands in Pacific Junction, IA. During the showdown, these two went down both the I-29 Dragway and road course to battle it out to see which car/driver combo was the best. So, throughout all this racing, who came out on top?

Twin turbo LSX engines and manual transmissions keep both of these 1,000 horsepower monsters moving, so it’s a beast versus beast race for sure! Both teams behind the cars were hard at work up until it was time to race. A rearend break had the Unicorn C5 under the knife the night before, and the wet weather wasn’t exactly ideal the day before the race; while the weather did clear up before they actually race. When Kyle hits the track the night before in the Unicorn C5, the car shows how little manners it has as it gets squirrelly several times going down the strip, a show of raw horsepower.

This rivalry has been going on for over a year; even though they like to take digs at each other, it’s still a friendly one, and the cars are pretty evenly matched. Even though Leroy the Savage would lead you to think that it has a massive weight advantage over the Unicorn C5, it’s only around 200 lbs. lighter than the full bodied C5, according to the banter exchanged between the racers.

The guys hit the road course for the roll race, and Cleetus smokes Kyle, who appeared to struggle with traction, which wasn’t a surprised since he was all over the place during the test run. To be fair, Cleetus said his was spinning too, and you can see a little kick on the replay.

During the first drag race, Kyle walked away with absolute ease, with Cleetus struggling to get off the line. Since they guys were one and one, they decided to drag race one more time, yielding better results for Cleetus, while Kyle still gapped him. The third and final race was a sloppier run for Kyle, so Cleetus finally got one on him. At the end of the day, the fans and spectators at the track were the winners because they got one heck of a show!

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