VIDEO: Turbo Cutlass Ciera GT Sleeper Car Shows Off

Josh Ricker is the owner of a Cutlass that appears to be pretty unassuming, which is a fair assessment for most years of the Cutlass. This is even the sportiest version of the Cutlass since it’s a Ciera GT, a model only available from 1986-1987. It may seem somewhat mundane until you learn more about what it’s rocking under the hood to give it the power to act up like it does in the video.

The GT package was mostly an appearance and trim package that made the Olds look a little more like the 442. It’s really not a bad looking car — at least it’s a two-door, it’s got that going for it, too.

Okay, so the special thing about this particular example really has nothing to do with how it looks a little bit less boring than other trim packages.

Powering this Cutlass is a 3800 S2 V6 (as seen in a 4th-gen Camaro V6 or a late-model Grand Prix) junkyard engine, equipped with a custom T-60-1 turbo kit. It also has a mild cam and mild stall torque converter, and is backed by a ‘hurt’ transmission. On 17-psi. of boost, the Cutlass makes 415 horsepower to the wheels. It’s safe to call this car a sleeper.

In this video, the driver demonstrates the car’s power and shows off during a Sunday drive. After doing some first and second gear pulls, they pit it against a 480 RWHP Pontiac G8 for a 40-120mph roll race. Even with a jump on him, the G8 gets passed at the end of the race. By the end of the Sunday Funday, the transmission was cooked.

This video is a few years old, but watching a sleeper act up is timeless. Word is, this Cutlass has been down for sometime now for repairs. Hopefully, it’ll be brought back on the roads soon and ready to showoff some more. We thank our friends at Bangshift for the tipoff!

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