VIDEO: Three Bad-to-the-Bone Corvettes Take to the Streets

It’s one bad Corvette versus another bad Corvette versus another in this streetcar showdown that recently turned up on the Street Car Video YouTube page. There isn’t a car in the race that we wouldn’t fall all over ourselves to drive, and each brings its own flavor of brutality to the streets. Are any of them able to pull away as a clear leader? Or are these monsters evenly matched?

In one corner, we have a Corvette that’s dubbed ‘Sick ZR1’, and for good reason. It’s a C6 ZR1 that has aftermarket cylinder heads and camshaft. Equipped with more than enough power from the factory, thanks to its supercharged 6.2L LS9 engine, the 638-horsepower this ZR1 came with was only a baseline. With the addition of heads and cam, and the assumption that it’s probably tuned with some exhaust work, this ZR1 likely has well over 700-horsepower as it sits, but possibly quite a bit more.

Next up, you have a striking red C7 Grand Sport that sounds like it might have a little work done but definitely has a ProCharger blower under the hood. The addition of the supercharger should bring this up to around 650-horsepower, but we hear that cam, so it’s got some meat behind it too.

Then we have the obvious horsepower king of the pack, a ProCharged C7Z that makes an astonishing 1,000-horsepower. Depending on exactly how much work the Grand Sport has done, this could end up being a driver’s race, especially since we don’t know the extent of the modifications to the other two cars, and the Grand Sport is the only automatic in the race.

You’ll have to watch the video to find out the results (also, language warning at the beginning when they are trying to hustle each other), but we’ll give a little away and say the Grand Sport being an auto did not give it an advantage! Also, keep watching for a bonus CTS-V race, and lots of noisy motorcycles everywhere.

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