VIDEO: This C7 Corvette Takes Conventionalism and Throws it Away

The seventh-generation Corvette was unveiled just over two years ago, and already, it has gone from the most-unloved Corvette ever made, to the most coveted of all time. Finally getting past its European styling and -gasp- square taillights, the C7 has come into its own as one very well-sported out machine. Even the the most cynical of all media outlets have praised the car over and over again!

Designed largely for the track (not the dragstrip), but with perfect road manners, the Corvette has emerged from its gold-chain quasi-sports car reputation into a true road and track machine that’s respected all over the world. Now with the Z06 roaming the streets, the car really is among the heavy hitters of exotic machinery.

So when we stumbled upon contributor BigKlieb’s video of a 2014 C7 that has been chopped, tubbed, blown, swapped and otherwise modified to all heck for the dragstrip, we were a bit taken back. Taken the road less traveled with a C7.

Long gone is the direct-injected LT1, and in its place is a supercharged big-block powerplant producing something north of 3500 horsepower. While the real specifics that everyone wants to know is left out, unfortunately, what is known is that the back-half and roof of the car utilize all OEM sheet metal. The front, apart from the headlights, is a customized, one-piece fiberglass unit made by the car’s owner.

It’s built as a 10.5 Outlaw car, and apparently, it’s quite successful, running a best (on that day) of a 4.27 at 184.83 in the 1/8-mile on Cecil County’s 1/4-mile track. Although we’re sure we’ll see a few more C7s built this way as time goes on, it is cool to see the start of something different the moment it happens.


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