VIDEO: The Hawks Sinister Camaro Packs a 408ci. Maggie-Blown Punch

You might think with the 6th-gen being the latest iteration of Chevy’s pony car, that we would have all but moved on from the 4th-gen cars a long time ago – but you’d be wrong! Now that they’ve pretty much hit bargain basement prices, they’ve been giving something of a second wind, thanks to their affordability and immense aftermarket support.

Hawks Third-Generation, home to the largest inventory of 3rd- and 4th-gen F-body parts in the country, also builds, modifies and tunes some of the quickest F-body street cars around, including this particular example shown above. Dubbed “The Sinister Camaro” internally by everyone at Hawks, it’s actually owned by Kyle, their in-house technician.

This Camaro certainly packs a punch, as its truck-sourced 6-liter iron block is paired with custom Mast 245 heads, a Hawks/Lunati custom grind camshaft and in the place of the truck manifold, is a TVS 2300 blower from Magnuson! Using some old-school engineering on Hawks end, the crew were able to squeeze the Maggie under the cowl of a 4th-gen – something some car builders have trouble with.

The exhaust is far from stock as well, running 2-inch primary long-tube headers, a 3-inch Y-pipe and a free-flowing catback. Dialed in at 17-psi. and running 93-octane pump gas, the combination was good for 750 rwhp. With the exhaust uncorked, the crew saw 800 hp to the rear tires. The blower features a billet inlet and a 1-inch pulley system.

Backing the blown 408 is a Tremec Magnum T-56 and a Hawks-built 8.8 rearend, two very stout pieces of hardware not only necessary for a car with this output, but up to the task of harnessing and handling the power and abuse that Kyle will inevitably throw their way. The Camaro is also equipped with various other bolt-ons, including Hawks line of components for their upcoming Sinister brand. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this car, very soon!


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