VIDEO: Supercharged LSA-Powered Impala

The best way to describe this B-body Impala is by saying that its one mean car. From inside and out, this 1994 Impala SS has undergone a very radical transformation — from a mildly-modified example into something truly exceptional. A lot of work and customization have gone into this bad-to-the-bone machine.

What started off as a really clean black Impala SS, packing its OEM LT1, is now a blood red sinister ride with details to make it all come together. It rides on a set of three-piece, staggered B-Forged wheels, with 22-inch rollers out back that move the all new rear end and suspension down the highway with epic badassery.

The tires that wrap those 22s, also have a subtle touch with color matched lettering on the Michelins. Tucked behind the huge rollers, the Impala received massive Wilwood brakes for major stopping power. On the back end, a customized emblem, roll pan, and smoked taillights give you something to admire as it passes you. The inside is jaw-dropping with red stitched leather  throughout.

As stunning as it may be, it’s got the power to back it all up! Under the hood, you’ll notice the LT1 has been ditched for an LS power plant and a Magnuson supercharger (with a smaller pulley to up the boost) right away, but that’s not where it ends… not even close.

What this Maggie is mounted to is actually a LSA engine with a custom cam and valvesprings, and a nice clean accessory drive mounted to the engine. The setup makes a crazy 660 horsepower to the rear wheels. Even in the engine bay, details were added to tie it all in — one of the most noticeable being the Impala logos added to the finned valvecovers.

The hood looks like it came off another car, but the hood scoop was handmade and customized just for this car. The end result is a ZL1 Camaro inspired hood that’s a definite highlight of the build. It’s also got blacked out headlights to finish off the sinister appearance of this mean car.


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