VIDEO: Showtime Motorsports Battles it Out with JDP Motorsports in Speed/Stop Challenge

When you have a collection of Camaros like Ken Thwaits, Showtime Motorsports’ owner, you’ve got to get them out to flex their muscles and compete. After all, that’s what Showtime Motorsports is all about. In their recently released web series, we get a rare inside look at what a unique company/team like Showtime Motorsports does, and learn more about their operations. In Episode #5, they head to Las Vegas Motor Speedway where Showtime Motorsport’s Ken Thwaits and Jordan Priestley of JDP Motorsports battle it out during Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car.

Down in the Bullring, two mean Camaros hit the course. Jordan Priestley of JDP Motorsports is piloting his 2016 Camaro SS, while Ken Thwaits gets behind the wheel of his 5th-generation Z/28. Ken’s Z/28 is one of at least 25 Camaros in his collection. We recently took a closer look at his collection and how he got started with Camaros, you can check that out here.

In this leg of the challenge, the two pros compete in a speed/stop challenge. If you’re not super familiar with this term, it’s a semi-new, and increasingly popular style of racing. It’s made to measure and test acceleration and stopping power of the competing vehicles, hence why it’s called speed/stop. Not only are the vehicles put to the test, but so are the drivers — it may sound easy, but it requires a lot of concentration, good reflexes, and total control over the vehicle.

Jordan doesn’t seem bothered by the event, explaining that he does well in these kinds of challenges. Over on the other side, Ken is visibly frustrated out of the gate. So, how’d the guys do? After splitting hairs over several laps, Tim lost the event to Jordan. Tim took a cone with him on one lap, and stopped 4-inches too far on the last lap.

While not all episodes are about this series of racing events, or even racing itself, check out the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th webisodes to get caught up.

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