VIDEO: SDPC Raceshop’s 800hp and 1100hp 6-Liter Turbo Crate Engine Package

Right now, the hottest thing in the marketplace is LS powerplants and boost. LOTS of boost. Turbocharging is among the easiest way to make tons of horsepower and the LS platform simply loves it. So to any drag strip or standing-mile challenge in America, and you’ll be sure to find at least three on the track or in the pits at any given time.

Seeing an opportunity, SDPC Raceshop had decided to put something together on their own, for their customers, allowing them to simply go Ā online or pick up the phone to order a turkey ready crate package.

Official Release:

SDPC RaceshopĀ Raceshop’s 800hp and 1100hp 6-Liter Turbo Crate Engine Package

After tons of testing, research and endlessĀ development, SDPC Raceshop has delivered an awesome engine package for the serious drag racer or half-mile contender in your life. Packing all of the right hardware, the 6-Liter Turbo Crate Engine Package is what happens when great companies come together to build the ultimate track warrior.


Available in both 800hp and 1100hp specifications (depending on turbo), the 6-Liter Turbo Crate Engine is an awesome way to pick up your next drag engine in one fell swoop, without having to worry about piecing things together.

Having been tested in SDPC’s own Silverado SS test mule, this crate engine is now ready to ship to your door! The official parts list is featured below:

6.0 turbo engine (Starting Price 16,300)

  • New GM 6.0 GEN IV Block
  • GM 3.622 58X Crankshaft
  • Molnar PWR ADR Connecting Rods
  • SDPC Raceshop Diamond Pistons w/Premium Ring Set
  • HD Tool Steel Wrist Pins
  • MLS Head Gaskets
  • ARP Head Studs
  • ARP Main Studs
  • GM LS3 Cylinder Heads w/Dual Spring Kit
  • Custom SDPC Raceshop Camshaft
  • Chromoly Hardened Pushrods
  • Melling Oil Pump
  • Billet Timing Set
  • GM LS3 Rockers w/CHE Trunion Upgrade
  • Stock GM Coils
  • Stock External GM Covers
  • ATI Damper
  • GM LS3 Corvette Waterpump
  • LS3 Intake w/LS3 Throttle Body
  • Holley Fuel Rails
  • FAST 85lb Injectors
  • Precision PT7675 (800HP Package, great for heavy vehicles or an actual true daily driven street car due to the great average power and awesome low end torque)
  • Precision PT1001 Air to Water Intercooler
  • Precision 46mm Wastegate
  • Precision 64mm Blow Off Valve


Optional Upgrades (SDPC has a ton of turbo options so this is just one we tested with this package in particular)

  • Precision 82/84 CEA Turbo (For Customers Looking to Produce Over 1000HP) Intended for the more aggressive street car guys or street/strip customers)
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