VIDEO: SDPC Raceshop Bringing Fire With a 2077 HP Twin Turbo L8T Engine

Scoggin-Dickey Raceshop is a leader in building the most high-tech, cutting edge, high-performance crate engines that you can’t just find anywhere. From their unique LS/LT short blocks (like the one we used in Project Redrum), to the complete engine packages like their W-I-L-D 540 cubic-inch ProCharged Big-Block, they have something for just about everyone.

But SDPC’s latest creating is a jaw-dropping powerhouse that isn’t for the weak-of-heart or the inexperienced. It cranks out, get this, a peak of 2,077 hp and 1,785 lb-ft of torque on SDPC’s in-house engine dyno. Of course, there’s quite a bit of work that goes into it, that goes beyond a cam swap and “slapping a turbo on it.”

SDPC L8T Foundation

Starting with a Chevrolet Performance L8T block that’s found in some 2020-22 Silverado HD trucks, it features several modifications from SDPC Race Shop that includes the removal of the DOD/AFM towers for additional weight savings — SDPC claims this alone is good for about 2-lbs off of the block weight. A set of steel main caps with upgraded bolts go into the recipe, as well as a wet sump oiling system.

Dual cylinder head dowels locators for LS/LT get factored in, and SDPC Raceshop cylinder wall sonic testing indicates a maximum overbore size of 4.145-inch (for NA applications), and 4.100-inch for those looking to immediately apply boost onto their L8T. The OEM bore is 4.065-inch.

This upgraded version of the L8T block is an SDPC exclusive, and falls under part number SDPC Part Number: SDR98759.

SDPC Raceshop GEN-V L8T Twin Turbo Engine

New from the Scoggin-Dickey Raceshop is the GEN-V L8T based Twin Turbo engine. Building on the foundation of the GEN-V 6.6L L8T truck block, matching L8T production 3.86” stroke crankshaft and CNC Ported LT4 heads, Precision Turbo & Engine Twin 76/85 mm turbos were added to produce a reliable 2,077 HP and 1,785 lbs./ft. of torque at at 32-psi. Fuel is supplied using a Holley Hi Ram with 220 lb./hr Injectors in a Port Fuel Injection configuration.

Components include:

-SDR98759 SDPC Raceshop modified L8T Engine Block with Steel caps. Honed to 4.070 “ dia. bore

-12701676 Chevrolet Performance GEN-V L8T 3.860” Stroke Production Forged 58X Crankshaft.

Callies Ultra Rods

Wiseco 2618 Forged Aluminum Pistons w/ Total Seal Rings

– Camshaft; Competition Cams

-GM Bearings

-GM Gaskets

ATI Balancer

Moroso Oil Pan W/ Peterson External Oil Pump

-SDPC Raceshop SDR78973 CNC Ported Production GenV LT4 Cylinder Heads

-Compression Ratio; 9.5:1

-Production GM LT4 Valves; 2.130” Ti Intake/1.590” Stainless Exhaust

-GM Production 1.8:1 Rocker Arms w/CHE Trunnions

Holley 102mm Throttle Body

Shearer Fabrication Intercooler

-Waste Gates & Blow Off Valves by Precision Turbine & Engine

Hooker Exhaust Manifolds

MAXIMA 15W-50 Break in Oil

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