VIDEO: Redline Motorsports Takes on Dubai

With the 2015 SEMA Show right around the corner, industry leaders, media personalities and some of the world’s best engine builders and tuners will be meeting once again to exchange notes, discuss the latest hardware and build relationships. It’s an event that brings out the biggest gearheads from all over the world to converge onto Las Vegas for a week of insanity. And sore feet.

However with the Middle Eastern performance market in full bloom, a Dubai-based equivalent to SEMA called Custom Show Emirates has sprouted up recently, and industry moguls are now spending a week in the hot desert sun mingling with a market that’s simply exploding. Yup, the LS scene is just as insane over there as it is here!

One of the events at this year’s show was an engine build-off between America’s very own Redline Motorsports and Dubai’s Al Numairy Performance. Both teams were to build a 416ci. LS3-based engine, using some of the best components available from companies like COMP CamsTotal SealCORSA PerformanceKooksManleyARPCometic and AIRAID, among others.

Building the engines on-site at the show under the watchful eyes of the show-goers, the heat was on both teams to not only build and tune each truck faster, but who could put the power down better. As it turned out, our friend Howard Tanner and Redline pulled it off quicker than the locals on Al’s team.

The idea, was that whoever landed the higher numbers would get to keep both engines as a reward for their accomplished efforts. Despite this, Howard let Al’s crew keep their engine as a reward for their hard work, dedication to the competition and to build a lasting friendship that we’re sure will last for years to come. After all, that’s what the automotive industry is all about.


Howard and Al hug it out to congratulate each other on their week of brutal work and their new friendship.

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