VIDEO: Redline Motorsports Steps up a C7Z with a Centrifugal Blower

Redline Motorsports is one of South Florida’s premier tuning shops, specializing in modifying and building late-model vehicles, predominately LS- and LT-powered musclecars. That even includes Corvettes, particularly this C7 Z06 that has received an usual upgrade relative to boost.

Our friend Howard Tanner, Redline Motorsports’ owner, just sent us this video of their latest projects – a 2015 Corvette Z06 equipped with a slush box, a set of American Racing Headers‘ 2-inch long-tubes and 13-pounds of boost from its centrifugal supercharger. That last one’s not a typo.

Howard & Co. recently had this customer’s C7Z in their shop, who wanted something more powerful and efficient than the factory Roots-style blower. As we all know, many C7Z owners have been having cooling issues with Chevrolet’s latest creation.

Looking to do something a little bit different, the 1.7L Eaton was ditched in favor of a East Coast Superchargers-sourced Novi 2200R centrifugal unit. The obligatory centrifugal whistle is apparent not only at idle, but at wide open throttle where the Z puts down a very healthy 807 horsepower and 682 lb-ft to the tires on Redline’s DYNOmite Land and Sea dyno. Not bad for a simple header and blower swap.

Howard tuned the Corvette with an E92 tune, using HP Tuners software, and plans to have the Corvette at Palm Beach International Raceway very soon. We’ll keep you posted as things progress but knowing Tanner, the end product will be something truly extraordinary.


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