VIDEO: Redline Motorsports Builds a Potent Twin-Turbo Z/28

Largely regarded as an oversized, overweight pony car with performance roughly on par with its much older iteration, the Zeta-based Camaro SS never earned much respect from the enthusiasts. Even with 426 hp on tap, the girth of that is the Zeta seemingly held back the true potential of the car from the factory.

But the 2014-2015  Z/28 simply changed the game; it rewrote the rulebook on the 5th-gen by stripping weight, pumping up the power by nearly 100 and taking the suspension and braking systems to levels never before seen from an American pony car.

However, there’s always those who simply want more than the next guy and desire the ultimate in ultra-exclusive vehicles. That’s where Howard Tanner and the rest of the crew at Redline Motorsports come in. With the perfect recipe of carefully-selected quality components, Tanner & Co.  turned this NA road-racing terror into a boosted twin-turbo monster at home just about anywhere!

We spoke to Howard at Redline over the weekend, and below is his assertions of what conspired behind closed doors on this big-cube beast:

RLTTZ28-5“Our recipe entailed a complete engine overhaul which included all forged internals (built out of our engine-build division) to support the additional airflow that a pair of Comp “oil-less” turbos would create. Along with a Fore Innovations fuel system and a heavier McLeod Clutch, my guys where off and running.

Our customer contacted us before the car was picked up from the dealer,” Howard stated, “ he asked for us to put together a package that was good for the highway pulls, runs on pump gas and drives like stock, so this is what we put together …on point”. We also worked close with the guys at Fabberge on the turbo system as there were several differences between a base SS and the dry sumped Z/28. A bunch of customer fab work resolved that issue.”

He also added that they are getting prepared for the GEN-6 Camaro – we’ll be sure to cover it when it happens!


836.2 hp and 697.2 lb-ft to the tires is the result!


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