VIDEO: PSI Conversion Makes LS Swaps Easier

There’s no denying the popularity of the LS-swap continues to maintain momentum in the world of hot-rodding. That’s why companies like PSI Conversion have emerged to cater to these markets, and offer a wide variety of hardware and electronics to the enthusiast to make the swap in any classic muscle car, truck or late-model vehicle so much easier!

PSI Conversion’s product list is quite extensive; from 24x and 58x engine wiring harnesses, oil pans, motor mounts, custom ECU tuning, and pretty much everything else you would need to make the swap into your vehicle much more simpler.

For you throwbacks out there still partial to the GEN-1 Vortec and GEN-II LT1, PSI Conversion specializes in components for those swaps as well. With the LS-swaps overshadowing these older EFI powerplants, Vortec and GEN-II swaps have never been easier or more affordable!


1989_rsPSI recently released this video highlighting some of the products they offer, as well as some additional information about themselves. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, everything they offer gets assembled and shipped out of there office and delivered to your door – all right here in the USA!

Looking to get an LS-swapped third-gen F-body project off the ground, our friends at PSI Harness, as well as Dirty Dingo, have sold us on everything we need to complete the swap of a 6-liter LS-based iron block into an ’89 Camaro RS! You’ll get to read that story very soon, only right here, at GM EFI Magazine!

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