VIDEO: Original Parts Group Shows Off New Parts at SEMA

The Original Parts Group (OPG) has been a great source that we turn to for builds we feature on our site, as well as those for our sister publications. They always seem to have the hard-to-find parts that no one carries, and it’s these parts that will set apart a build.

It doesn’t even stop at the fact that they catalog and stock parts no one else has, they carry the high-quality versions that keep us from having to turn to eBay rip-offs to finish our projects. That’s why when we heard they were adding even more applications and parts to their catalog, we had to stop by their booth at the 2017 SEMA show to get the skinny on what’s new for 2017.

They grabbed our attention right away with their 1987 Buick Grand National on display, we knew exactly what it meant when we saw the car sitting there: more parts for the GN were going to be added to their catalog. The team picked up this low-mileage beauty from the Bay Area in California, and the car is basically perfect. They are using it for test-fits and measuring out for their new Grand National parts in development, which makes us excited to see what’s coming to their catalog in 2018.

As far as what they’re already offering for the Grand National, they are already offering several new Buick Grand National emblems. The selection on display includes ones like the 3.8L SFI Turbo emblem that GM originally planted on the hood, the Grand National fender and trunk emblem design, Intercooled fender emblems, Buick trunk emblem, and 3.8 SFI Turbo trunk emblem, and of course the coveted Grand National Intercooled fender emblem, which are all ready to polish off your restoration.

While the emblems are enough to hold us over for now, we expect to see some amazing new products from CPG for the Grand National soon.

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