VIDEO: NRE Mirror Image Turbo 427 Powered Camaro Daily Driver

Boy, does this Camaro look innocent and unassuming. That’s exactly what the owner of this 2013 Camaro SS and NRE want you to think when you see this 5th-Gen. However, if you’re thinking of tangling with it, you might get your feelings hurt! This sleek white Camaro is only stock in appearance.

The owner of this 5th-Gen Camaro entrusted Nelson Racing Engines to make his daily driver the ultimate sleeper car. He doesn’t want anyone to know that powering the white Camaro is a 427 LS. Sitting atop the engine is NRE’s very first intercooler XRam intake. The team designed a prototype and then 3D printed this intercooler air intake, and it feeds into twin 90mm drive-by-wire throttle bodies.

If you keep following down from there, then you’ll find the mirror image 72mm turbos on each side of the engine bay. Backing the powerful engine is a fully adjustable 4L80 that feeds into a beefy driveshaft and rearend.

All of the components in the engine bay are highly customized and made to look very mild and calm. There was a lot of moving, cutting, welding, hand forming, and wrinkle coating done to make the engine bay match the OEM components.

What this all adds up to is over 1,000 horsepower to the crank on pump gas, and 770 RWHP with a mild tune and 17 psi of boost. It’s also capable of 10.70 at 137 mph 1/4-mile runs, which is quite the pull for a 4,700-lb. car! Tom Nelson notes that this will be a high 9-second car when the owner masters the 60′.

Around back, you might miss a few things if you’re just walking by, including the parachute mount behind the license plate. Inside the trunk is where the parachute mount is tied into the roll cage, as well as a power switch. Otherwise, the trunk is completely functional and stock looking.

This car is basically as rowdy as you want to drive it, and that’s what you get when you have the real experts building your car.


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