VIDEO: Norwegian Trans Am Raises the Bar for 3rd-Gens Everywhere

Over the course of the last few years, there has been a buzz about a certain ’86 Trans Am from Europe that’s been beating up on Bugattis and Koenigseggs on their home turf. Understanding that this isn’t something that happens everyday in either the States or in the EU, we felt that we had to spread the word a little bit further.

The car’s Norwegian owner and builder (yes, one in the same), Pål-Arvid “Polly” Blytt, has been featured in numerous magazines, TV shows and has even brought his car over to the States for some head to head competition back in 2010. But let’s back up for a minute, because this isn’t an ordinary ’80s Trans Am.

Under the hood, is a massive 540 ci. BBC featuring a reverse-rotation ProCharger F-3R cranking out 15-psi. The bottom end utilizes forged internals from some of the best aftermarket companies on this side of the pond, and up top, is a high-flowing set of Dart heads, twin MSD 75mm throttle-bodies and an aluminum intake. The rest of the drivetrain includes a ZF 6-speed manual gearbox and a Ford 9-inch rearend – all of which have been fortified to handle the 1,400 horsepower that meets the pavement.


The best part? The car is a solid 9-second performer with a top speed of 253 mph – or enough to run door handle-to-door-handle with a Veyron Super Sports up top – a car that costs us Americans over $2M to acquire. Not bad for an old Pontiac that was built in a shed using mostly ingenuity and simple Polly-7hand tools.

A few years back, Polly and his Trans Am were featured on the German automotive program, Grind, where it was put to the test in drivability, acceleration, hooning and most importantly, top speed capabilities. While the car passed the first three with flying colors, the third-gen fell short of its 259 mph target – by ten miles-per hour on that particular day (although it has achieved this at various other venues). Unfortunately a follow-up run wasn’t made, since darkness was falling fast after an impromptu tire blowout earlier in the day caused a substantial time delay. Plus, it had a race with a bow and arrow – a challenge in which it won.

It wasn’t a total waste, though, as Polly had spent most of that time scaring the daylights out of the show’s presenter, constantly remaining him that he was in a car with over 1400 horsepower built by a guy in his own garage, and not craftsman, in billion-dollar facilities. With examples like this running around out there, maybe it’s time we reassess our opinion on 3rd-generation F-bodies?


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