VIDEO: Mid-Cycle Sixth-Gen Camaro Refresh Clearly Underway

It seems like it was only yesterday when images of the all-new 6th-gen Camaro were leaked. Speculation on its weight, horsepower output and available trim offerings flooded the Internet for months. Some have argued if the wait was worth it, but it has quickly proven its merit on road courses and drag strips all over the world.

Fast-forward to mid-2017, and we have already witnessed the SS, ZL1, COPO, GT4.R and the 1LE package being offered in V6, LT1 and LT4-powered variants. With rumors rampant of a new Z/28 on the horizon, we’re now seeing what appears to be a revision in front and rear fascias in time for a mid-cycle refresh. Evidence has developed based on footage and imagery provided by Lethal Camaro.

Though it may seem a little early for a mid-cycle makeover, some suggest that it could be due to slower sales compared to the current Mustang and even the aging Dodge Challenger. In the first few years of 5th-gen production, the Camaro was a sales leader; even outselling its Ford and Dodge competitors, combined, for a number of months. These days? Not so much.

Some the nearly-similar styling to the previous generation, others suggest that Ford’s revamp of the Mustang and Dodge finally figuring out how to market the now 10-year old Challenger may have something to do with it. We say its a combination of factors, because the 6th-gen Camaro is certainly an excellent car. We are probably aging out on a limb saying this, but its the best Camaro ever made.

Rarely does a mid-cycle Camaro actually see revised bodywork over; typically, it’s a taillight change and a new front clip. Based on these recent spy shots, it’s probably more than likely we’ll see similar changes. We won’t know for a few more months, at least, but we’ll keep you posted when the time comes.

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