Video: LS Swap Anything With A Little Help From BP Automotive

This is in part because of the Chevy 350s simplicity but also because of how easily it is modified and how well the engine responds to those modifications. Coming out of the muscle car era of big blocks, the Chevy 350 started a trend that continued strong through the LT days but when the LS1 came on the scene in 1997, everything changed. 

A modest improvement in stock horsepower ratings was the least of the benefits for swapping one of these awesome engines into a classic car or truck, or really anything else for that matter. Reliability and the way that the LS platform engine responds to modifications also play a huge role in Chevy’s 3rd generation engine family’s popularity. However, a more complicated EFI system, electronically controlled transmission options, and sensors and wires for days, make an LS Swap almost infinitely more complicated than just slapping an old Chevy 350 under the hood.
That’s where BP Automotive comes in. Through innovation and demand, they have been able to work the LS Swap down to a science so simple that an LS engine, and all of the goodies that go along with it, can literally be swapped into just about anything. One of those aforementioned goodies that accompany the LS family of engines is the 4L60 and 4L80 transmissions, which also require the use of several sensors and switches to be able to properly function. In this video Bill Hillock at BP Automotive describes their TCC Brake Switch Kit, what it does, and how to install it essentially proving that it is possible to LS Swap anything.

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