VIDEO: LS Fest West Sneak Peek!

LS Fest West is less than two weeks away, and we hope you’re packing your bags to go, because this event is going to be nothing shy of historic! For the very first time, LS Fest has found its way out to the western part of the United States, leaving it’s legendary Bowling Green, KY post, and attracting some of the baddest LS and new-gen LT powered vehicles to Las Vegas (LS Fest will also be in Bowling Green in September — Ed.).

Rolling into the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 5th through the 7th, and if you haven’t registered yet, find out how here — You can also check out our breakdown of the drag racing classes if you’re entering in those events here — and if you’re still not convinced, the above preview of what Safecraft Safety Equipment is bringing out should have you drooling in anticipation.

As far as the vehicle mix goes, what Safecraft is bringing is a pretty accurate representation of what shows up. If you were expecting a bunch of stock 4th-gen LS Camaros and Trans Ams (only) to run the show, you’ve never been to an LS Fest before.

Safecraft has their Chevy Silverado PreRunner ready to roll out. This beast is LS2-powered and we expect to see it in the new off-road segment since the Las Vegas venue actually has the accommodations to host such an event. This new class is setup for trucks and buggies to compete side-by-side on short courses with various race obstacles.

They’ll also have their Formula-D Camaro in tow, this nasty 5th-gen has a LS7 that’s sprayed with a 200 nitrous shot. Their highly modified wide-body 1967 Camaro with C5-R engine and almost identical 1967 with LS1 will represent the classic categories, while their Chevy Colorado with Procharged LS7 will be out looking for trouble too.

Don’t miss this event — we repeat, do not stay at home May 5-7, get your car out and head to Vegas!

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