VIDEO: LMR’s 1,000 HP C7Z Package Impresses

Our friends at Gearhead Flicks and Late Model Racecraft (LMR) have teamed up yet once again to bring us another video featuring a modified C7 Z06, this one, owned by Justin of Atlanta Custom Wraps. But this isn’t any ordinary 650 hp C7 Z06, oh no. This particular example not only sports a killer two-tone black and blue wrap (hiding the OEM white hue underneath) installed by the owner, but has been given the full LMR treatment.

LMR’s Steven Fereday had his crew install their Stage II C7 Z06 performance package, that includes their very own cold-air induction system, a set of American Racing 2-inch stainless steel long-tube headers and high-flow cats, NGK spark plugs and MSD 8.5mm wires to round out the modifications to the induction, exhaust and ignition systems.

Digging a little deeper under the surface, and we find a 160-degree thermostat, an LMR harmonic balancer, Gates belt and an LT4 cam package that comes complete with the custom-ground camshaft, dual valvespring kit, pushrods and a cam phaser kit. Throw in fresh fluids, a new crank bolt and custom dyno-tuning, and you’ll have a solid 750 rwhp C7Z on your hands. LMR even throws in a few custom badges throughout the car to advertise it as such.

But wanting more, Justin had LMR install a Nitrous Express progressive nitrous system, that pumped the power output to over 1,000 rwhp! The package makes for a killer “torque monster,” that’s epic to drive and will more than hold its own in most encounters. Having witnessed the car in action firsthand, we can attest to the C7Z’s docile mannerisms when not under load – but put that hammer down and it transforms to completely different animal!

LMR is based out of Houston, Texas, and is one of the area’s go-to shops for late-model GM performance, specializing in everything from 4th-gen F-bodies the C7Z. So if you’re ever in the area or you want to bring your vehicle to one of the premier LSx/LTx tuning shops in the country, don’t forget to check them out!


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