VIDEO: Livernois Stage 3N Makes BIG LS Stroker Power

Modern large scale automotive engineering shops have one major advantage over the average DIY person. No matter how much thought and research goes into a DIY engine combination, it is nearly impossible for the average person to duplicate the level of testing these shops can do to produce a refined product. Check out the fruition of Livernois Motorsports‘ testing capabilities on this 99 Camaro with their Stage 3N Package.

Many typical speed shops create an engine package by simply compiling off-the-shelf parts produced by different manufacturers each with a different goal in-mind. Livernois has gone the extra mile by doing the R&D to produce its Powerstorm series of engine components in-house.

The Powerstorm series is on full display in this dyno run with a Street Series 408 Stroker short block fitted with Pro-Series cylinder heads, Stage 2 camshaft and C5R timing chain. The 3N package is finished out with Firestorm injectors, long-tube headers, and a session on the rollers to ensure all the parts play nicely together.

Seeing the peak numbers (449 WHP) may not be that impressive until you look at the baseline (288 WHP) and realize it’s likely a stingy dyno. Looking closer at the dyno chart shows an even larger transformation. From 4k to 5.5k RPM in the meat of the powerband, the 3N package is making closer to 200 WHP more. More importantly, studying the torque figure reveals it is already producing 400 WTQ at 3K RPM while the sleepy original combination is barely at 100 WTQ.

In normal driving conditions, that 300 WTQ increase early in the RPM band will be much more noticeable than peak power and torque figures. A great example of how Livernois has done the testing to design a complete package that will be just as much fun cruising the street as it will be going through the traps at 6K RPM.


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