VIDEO: Lashway Procharger Built C7Z

Lashway Motorsports is a well-respected name in the Corvette community, and really, throughout the late model GM performance world. Over the last several years, the have been hitting high numbers with the C7s, and you’ve probably seen the word “first” show up next to the name Lashway Motorsports more than a few times recently.

These innovators are the same people who put a turbocharger on a Corvette C7, first. It took the company about a month to design the kit, develop it, construct it, redesign it, and so on. Their progress with the rear mounted turbo kit grabbed headlines back in 2013, and forced other Corvette shops to really bring it when modifying these awesome cars. This wasn’t the first time they stole the spotlight though, many Lashway built cars have been featured, and drooled over, since their induction in 2010.

It’s proven expertise like this that’s kept their lifts flooded with Corvettes, and have allowed them to perfect the art of building a C7, and building it mean. While we’re on the subject of art, that’s probably the best way to describe this sexy video build that shows the art of building a ProCharged C7 Corvette.
The C7Z does not need much help, but the ProCharger kits are a great pick for those looking for just a little more, or even a lot more.

This particular C7Z Vette has stock internals, a stock cam, and even a stock fuel system. With those components, it pumps out 735 horsepower to the wheels with its ProCharger F1A when using meth injection, and just a little boos.

Word is, the team is just getting started, and plans on turning this mean little Corvette into a real monster.

Need more than just a little taste of Lashway Motorsports that this teaser offers? Head on over to our feature here on a Pontiac G8 their built and tuned to get a better look at their handy work!

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