VIDEO: Katech’s 850-Horspower C7Z Test Drive

Jason Harding, Director of Aftermarket Operations at Katech, has a one bad C7Z that’s been overhauled by the Katech crew. Katech is best known for their naturally-aspirated LT1 V8 that makes 700-hp, but the company goes all-in when it comes to LT1 and LT4 engine components and builds. This C7Z represents pretty much the entire catalog of what Katech has to offer, and it all adds up to 850 horses at the crank, and a great looking machine.

What you’re seeing here is more parts than we can even list, but the highlights include:

  • Katech Stage 4 engine package
  • TiKT oil cooler
  • American Racing 2” headers
  • Corsa Sport mufflers with black diamond tip
  • TiKT heat exchanger system
  • Twin heat exchangers in the corners of the fascia
  • Carbon fiber grille bezel and ducts
  • Katech LT4 lightweight flywheel
  • DSC Sport suspension controller
  • TiKT carbon fiber front splitter with race under tray
  • Katech and TiKT Performance body upgrades

That is the extremely abbreviated version of the build; the full list of modifications is extensive. One of the features that deserves some extra attention is the DSC Sport suspension controller. This feature allows Katech to tune the MRC suspension using a smartphone, how cool is that?

The body upgrades makes this C7Z look ready to hit the track, enhancing both aerodynamic performance, and ascetics overall. TiKT Performance provides the carbon fiber front splitter with race under tray, as well as the carbon fiber wing.

Katech takes over for the stage 3 splitter end plates, splitter wickers, side skirts, spoiler, and rear diffuser with strakes; all components of the body kit arecarbon fiber to avoid adding weight to the car’s body.

Crank up the audio and enjoy the view as the driver sees it. This C7Z is pretty incredible, so we thank the car’s owner for the closer look from behind the wheel.

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