VIDEO: This Junkyard King G-Body Will Hurt Your Feelings

This is one for the G-Body haters, but it’s also one the G-Body fanatics will enjoy. Finding yourself in a race with the G-Body will most certainly give you trust issues, that’s because this junkyard build boosted 5.3L G-Body coupe can walk away from modern muscle cars with ease.

Seen in this video at the Cecil County Dragway, the driver of the car explains that “It ain’t nothing special”, and how he just build it in his garage and a friend helped to make the roll cage for him.

While this car isn’t much to look at, the homegrown G-Body build is a consistent 10-second car. Whether you like it or not, it’s running faster than pretty much any stock modern muscle cars, and plenty of modified ones as well!

The G-Body has proven to be an amazing platform for so many different niches of racing, from autocross to dirt-track; however, these cars seem to really shine when they hit the drag strip. There are good reasons for that which includes a massive aftermarket for them, their fairly lightweight stature, and ability to take engine swaps like a champ. All this combined makes for a winning equation when it comes to building a track car.

While this G-Body is pretty ordinary looking, its sleeper look ends when you notice the LS intake plenum coming out of the ragged hood. That distinct turbo blow-off sound might give it away too, but these two things could be easily missed by the untrained competitor.

This combination seems to be working pretty well for a lot of different sleeper builds. It’s because the Gen III 5.3L Vortec engines are every bit as easy to work on as the LS1s, they’re generally cheaper than LS1s, way easier to find, and seem to love turbos.

In this video, the ‘Junkyard King’ G-Body runs high 10s, which is apparently due to the summer heat since the driver says his personal best is almost a second faster at 9.80 @ 140 mph, and we’ve all been there before. More modifications are in the works, so we’re excited to hear more about this build.

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