VIDEO: Introducing the Drip Lip from Spoolfool Productions

If you own a turbo Buick, then you’re well aware and very familiar with the premise of the oil leak. Be it from the valve covers, rear main seal, PCV valve seal or just about anywhere else the oil touches in the engine, it’s a common problem on these cars. The joke is, “if your turbo Buick isn’t leaking oil, you may want to check your oil level.”

One area that could really use some help, is the section where the engine and transmission meet; essentially, where the dust shield mounts, just below the torque converter. As anyone that’s ever been underneath their turbo Buick knows, that dust shield does not completely seal everything up to prevent all of the leaks, as we’ve encountered personally on our own Project Wicked6 Grand National.

Thanks to Spoolfool Productions’ interesting and innovative new design, this piece, known as the Drip Lip, ties everything in much better and helps prevent oil leaks. It’s a lightweight, fiberglass piece that’s made in the USA. It won’t rust, and mounts in areas that the stock dust shield simply cannot reach — such as underneath the starter, the starter bolts, underneath the rear main and catches beneath the casting marks of the block. It mounts in the OEM dust shield mounting locations and goes on in minutes.

We were sent an early example of the Drip Lip last week, we’re we’ll be installing it into our ’87 Grand National project. Keep an eye out for that story, very soon!


  • Manufactured from lightweight fiberglass
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Won’t rust like the stock piece
  • Easy to install
  • Helps prevent seemingly obligatory Turbo Buick oil leaks

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