Video: Holley Announces New Weiand Oil Pan Kits

It’s early still, but Holley has already made our week with a new product announcement. Weiand has officially announced their new oil pan kits for Chevy small-block, small-block Ford, GM LS, big-block Mopar and big-block Chevy. Included with the new kits is the vehicle specific oil pan, oil pan gasket, oil pump pickup, and pan mounting bolt kit. So it comes with everything you need to install this oil pan onto your engine.

Considerations where made so the oil pan performs above and beyond a stocker, as well as many other oil pans on the market today. These key features and availability for popular GM vehicles make them perfect for drag racing, road racing, and circle track use. They are available in two finishes — gold iridite or black. Holley’s Alex Healey gives a closer look, using a SBC example in the video above, and be sure to check out the rest of the details below in the release from Holley.

Official Release:

Holley is proud to announce the release of new Weiand oil pan kits.

Weiand’s fabricated oil pan kits feature an all-aluminum construction to keep excess weight off of the nose of your car, whether you’re running down the 1320, shaving seconds at a local autocross, or just showing up at the local cruise-in. They also feature trap door baffles to keep oil under control during hard acceleration, turning, and braking.

When combined with the increased oil capacity, Weiand’s oil pans ensure that high-performance engine oiling systems are properly fed to help reduce any possible oil starvation issues. The gold iridite or black finishes will help make your car look as good from underneath as it does up top, whether it is a drag car, road racing car, circle track car, or any other hot rod equipped with a small-block Chevy, small-block Ford, GM LS, big-block Mopar or big-block Chevy.


  • Available in gold iridite or black finishes
  • Perfect for road racing and autocross applications
  • Trap door baffles to prevent sloshing on hard launches
  • Increased oil capacity for high performance engines

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