VIDEO: Heidts Equipped 1999 Camaro Shows Off at Track Day

The Heidts Automotive Group has been at the top of their game in performance engineering for over three decades. Their suspension and chassis solutions offer you a chance to modernize and improve your suspension. In a demonstration of how well they are able to do this, Heidts puts their cars on the track to show off what their catalog is capable of at the WAI event in Milwaukee, WI.

Components by Heidts are made for both enthusiasts and professional builders. Both the 1967 Chevy Nova and the 1999 Chevy Camaro demonstrate that perfectly in this track day video.

We’re given a little more detail on the Camaro, and it seems to want to steal the show. This fourth generation Camaro is equipped with an independent rear suspension out back, with a new k-member and a set of control arms for the front. With the new parts and some tuning, the team is looking for some good times out of both of the cars.

Amy Dayton in the Nova runs first, it may have the muscle car look, but it handles like a modern day track champ. It has zero problems negotiating around the cones, and the driver doesn’t seem to struggle one bit.

When the Camaro takes over, the trained F-Body eye will notice the differences in how this machine handles right away. Vaughn West, Heidts Senior Engineer, is behind the wheel, and he probably knows this car better than anyone. It does experience times of fishtailing and as the car is overpowering itself through a few turns, but when it’s on its game, the high-end suspension efficiency shows.

Either way you cut it, this is a great demonstration of what the right suspension will do for a car, both classic and on the newer side. In the coming weeks, you’ll get a firsthand account of what Heidts can do to a fourth-gen as Project Phoenix gets a serious overhaul on their lift, stay tuned!

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