VIDEO: GM EFI Interviews Ron Mowen and Andy Fritts at SEMA 2015

In the last year, our friend Ron Mowen of Vengeance Racing has been causing quite a stir at half- and standing-mile events all over the South with his 2015 Corvette Z06. It’s a car that has seen an impressive combination of cosmetic and performance improvements over that of the factory format, and has certainly struck a chord with his rivals.

You may have seen this car in the past – mostly on YouTube –  from the time Ron picked it up for its epic obligatory break-in burnout, to the footage of him attending various WannaGoFast events. The VR Z06 has been commandeered as the in-house, rolling test bed for C7Z speed parts and accomplished much in the last year, and yet, still has quite a long road ahead of it in regards to record-setting performance achievements. If you know Ron, then you know he never quits innovating or topping his previous accomplishments.

Utilizing a stock bottom-end LT4, the Corvette has been equipped with VR’s Stage 4 C7Z Package which includes long-tube headers, a custom-grind camshaft and full supporting bolt-ons. Off the Nitrous Outlet bottle, the car is currently good for 787 rwhp and 812 lb-ft of torque to the rear tires. Once that giggle gas is engaged, however, those numbers shoot up to 1086 rwhp and 1079 lb-ft., respectively. Currently it’s the fastest C7Z in the quarter-mile and has gone as quick as 170.7 mph in the half-mile, while at this year’s WannaGoFast event at Heaven’s Landing in Clayton, Georgia.

We caught up with Ron while at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, where he gave us the skinny on the build as well us some brief details on the awesome carbon fiber panels that were sprinkled throughout the body work. Adding additional insight to the cosmetic touches on the car was Anderson Composites‘ Andy Fritts, who elaborated about the functionality as well as each component they offered for the C7 Corvette. Both Ron and Andy elaborate on the car in the attached video above.


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