VIDEO: Flex-A-Lite’s Exciting New Products

Flex-A-Lite is your go-to brand for cooling solutions for practically any application or build. With more than five-decades of being at the top of their game in the aftermarket, you’d think they would have developed all the products possible by now, but they are nowhere near slowing down. Rolling into 2018, they have a few big product lines to add, and we got to check them out while we were at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Their new line of Silver Cooling Fans range from direct fit, to universal applications. These are great for pulling air through thick radiators, but are far quieter than the traditional rigid fan blades. They move more air when running at idle, and the blade will flatten out when operating at high RPMs in order to reduce engine drag, resulting in both improved performance and fuel economy.

Another new addition is an offering of Airmovers and Dehumidifiers that will help keep your shop cool and dry. This will help with both comfort, and protect your garage from heat or water damage from rust, water, and mildew; these can also be use to dry out the inside of your car. The use of the Airmovers isn’t limited to just shop use, they are also a great option when you need to cool your car quickly in between trips down the drag strip.

What’s probably the biggest news for 2017 for Flex-A-Lite, is their new line of high-performance automatic transmission and engine oil coolers. These are designed to cater to the efficiency demands of high-performance applications. They are made completely of aluminum that offers a lightweight way to ensure the quickest cooling times possible. The engine coolers has a thicker core that offers more than four-times the cooling performance over OEM style coolers.

Whatever the need may be, OEM to high-performance demands, look to Flex-A-Lite to keep your engine and transmission cool.

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