Video: Flex-A-Lite Introduces Their All-New Adjustable Electric Fan Controller

Flex-A-Lite has just introduced an all-new Compact Adjustable Fan Controller that makes it easier and more affordable than ever to have complete control over your car’s fan. The compact unit has adjustable electric-fan activation temperature, manual override provision, fan activation when the A/C is on, and more.

The new fan controlled comes with a complete installation hardware kit, and all for a great price. Not only that, the wiring for the unit is 105C rated and included potted electronics. Learn more from the official release below.

Official Release:

Compact Adjustable Electric Fan Controller with Relay Kit

These new Flex-A-Lite® electric fan controllers pack a lot of features into a small package.

The Flex-A-Lite® Compact Adjustable Electric Fan Controller and Relay Kit is ideal for use with nearly all single fans, such as the patent-pending Flex-A-Lite® Flex-Wave™ and Trimline electric fans, as well as some dual-electric-fan systems.

Flex-A-Lite Fan Controller Parts KitThese are the most complete kits on the market at these price points. All electrical connectors, fittings and fasteners needed for typical installations are included; no additional parts needed. The competition doesn’t even compare!

Flex-A-Lite Fan Controller Wiring Quality

Higher quality wire means better performance. All 12-gauge wires are used to power the fan motor and connect to the battery power source, much larger than competing fan controllers. All wire used in these kits is rated 105C to withstand 221° F. This is more durable and safer to use in hot, underhood conditions.

Flex-A-Lite Fan Controller Thread-In Sensor

Part number 33095 includes a threaded temperature sensor with two adapter bushings to fit ¼-, 3/8- and ½-inch NPT threaded ports. Use this kit when there is a threaded port available in the cooling system such as the thermostat housing, intake manifold or cylinder head.

Flex-A-Lite Fan Controller Push-In Sensor

Part number 33094 includes a push-in temperature sensor that installs easily by insertion between the radiator fins and tubes. This is ideal for applications that do not have a threaded port available in the coolant system.


  • Fan activation adjustable from approximately 160° F to 220° F with a small, flat screwdriver
  • Includes 30-amp relay and inline fuse ¾ Rated for use with fans having up to 20-amp draw (continuous)
  • Potted electronics for water resistance and protection from vibration ¾ Includes connection to activate the electric fan when A/C is on
  • Provision for an optional manual override switch
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