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Flex-a-Lite is a well-known source for all kinds of cooling components, from radiators to transmission coolers, and all the parts needed to make those systems function. They aren’t, however, limited to just cooling parts that bolt to your engine or transmission. In their catalog, you’ll even find parts outside of bolt-on cooling parts, like their Flex-a-Chill 3000 Air Mover, for many different uses.

The primary use of the air mover is to help your car cool down fast. Use it on your supercharger, intake manifold, clutch, torque converter, and other components to cool them in minutes. It’s power draw is minimal and won’t overtax your trailer, and is easily portable from garage to track without worry. Learn more in the video above, and release from Flex-a-Lite below.

Official Release:

Flex-A-Chill 3000 from Flex-A-Lite® is the Perfect Airmover

The Flex-A-Chill 3000 from Flex-A-Lite® is the Perfect Airmover for the race track, your garage and the dyno cell. With 2,600 cfm of high-velocity airflow that you can direct exactly where needed, the Flex-A-Chill 3000 will cool your car down in a hurry. And it’s low, 2.7-amp draw means it won’t overtax trailer or generator circuits.

The Flex-A-Chill 3000 was designed for racers to help them cool cars quickly between rounds. The extended height and significant airflow also makes it a valuable tool in a dyno cell to cool an engine on a test stand or a car strapped to the rollers. It is also a great partner for the enthusiast to keep him or her cool while working in the garage.

  • Easily direct air where you need it – The fan body can be rotated on the integrated stand
  • Very low amp draw – only 2.7 amps
  • Variable speed control – for greater airflow versatility16-foot power cord – reach where the airmover is needed without extension cords
  • Lightweight and easy to carry – only 27.5 pounds, and an integrated carrying handle and cord wrap
  • Durable construction – robust rotomolded polyethylene housing
  • Integrated outlet – allows for daisy-chaining up to 4 units on a 15-amp circuit


  • Cools Cars and Garages
  • Can Be Used At Home, Track, or Dino
  • Promotes Cool Down in Minutes
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