VIDEO: Flash Kills a Driveshaft, but Looks Badass Doing it!

We’ve been following Flash and his killer Trans Am WS6 from the beginning, as it’s a continuous work in progress that seemingly keeps getting quicker by the day. Of course, with all of that power, one or two parts end up as casualties in the crossfire in the war of racing. Such is the case with the aftermarket driveshaft that bit the dust on this particular outing.

Dating back a couple of years, this clip was actually just sent over to us by our friends at Gearhead Flicks, and shows Flash’s T/A spitting out its driveshaft (albeit, in a million pieces) in a hard, 9-second capable lunch at Houston’s Royal Purple Raceway; a regular hangout locale for Flash and his Trans Am.

We reached out to Flash today to verify its authenticity, and sure enough, he tells us that this is indeed his car and his driveshaft exploding into oblivion. He also reported that this was shot just before his transmission ultimately let go, and was just days before his famous feature cover shot in the now-defunct GM High-Tech Performance Magazine.

Naturally, Flash has since upgraded and replaced his driveshaft and transmission since this outing, but it’s cool to revisit carnage videos like this as if they were frozen in time. It was actually a surprise to Flash, he hasn’t even seen the video until today!

When he’s not at the dragstrip, you can catch him at Houston-area standing-mile events throughout the year. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for Flash and his grey Trans Am in the future, to see what he has up his sleeve next!


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