VIDEO: Fastest Full-Size Truck Record Broken – 7.74 at 176.72!

The LSx platform is one that lends itself the opportunity of high horsepower, fast elapsed times and the ability to make you an internet celebrity overnight. The small-dimensioned, lightweight, compact design is an attribute that allows it to be squeezed into anything with an engine bay – and some things without. This, of course, doesn’t exclude pickup trucks, either.

Whether you’re talking about an LS-swapped ’67 C10 built for the autocross or a late-model Silverado looking to do big things on the dragstrip, the LS-series engines never disappoint. Throw in a couple of turbos and a big intercooler, along with the supporting engine mods, and you just might have a winning combination on your hands. We can elaborate further, but we’ve decided to let the attached video do most of the talking for us.

You see, while at this year’s Houston Performance Trucks Shootout at Royal Purple Raceway Park, the crew at Spike Performance was testing one of their project vehicles; a Chevy Silverado with a twin-turbocharged 468 ci. LS. The aforementioned turbos are twin 76mm units from Bullseye, that are, apparently, dialed in to 25-psi. with a simple, “$40” Turbosmart boost controller. They also mentioned that if they were to turn up the boost to 30-40psi., that they should be in the low 7s.

With the engine approaching 2,000 hp, it’s overall tune is kept in check with a stock operation system with the help of HP Tuners. It’s backed by a 2-speed Powerglide gearbox. The “junkyard alternator” probably help, too. The end result? The crew at Spike Performance managed a 7.744 at 176.72 mph – making it the fastest full-size truck on the planet!

The weekend didn’t pop off without a few issues, however, such as shattered driver’s side window (hence the door switch on the second run), the o-rings on the intake popping off and a troublesome wideband. As they say, it’s all a part of racing and the guys were more than willing to persevere through it to beat the previous best of 7.86. In the usual competitive drag racing spirit, the record won’t last for long.


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