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QuickJack is a portable car lift that is safer and more stable than most any jack stand on the market. In fact, it’s QuickJack that has been awarded the EC-Type Examination Certificate. This product was designed with safety in mind, and has been tested for safety, strength, and quality extensively.

There is no other portable car lift like QuickJack on the market, and it behaves unlike any portable system out there. The QuickJack was made with 14-gauge welded steel frames and automatic safety locks that engage at both mid and max levels. Learn more about these safety locks in the video, as well as the official release from QuickJack below.

Official Release:

QuickJack’s Automatic Locks Offer Easy Engagement and Disengagement 

QuickJack’s automatic locks are easy to use, simply because they engage and disengage effortlessly. We take great pains to ship your QuickJack frames with the lock arm loosely bolted into the top portion of the frame. This way, the bottom of the bar, which includes the half-moon-shaped lock release cam, can travel along the lock channel.

Occasionally, someone will treat the looseness of the hanging arm like it’s a mistake, so they tighten the bolt.

If the arm is bolted in too tight, your car lift isn’t going to look or function right at all. In this classic Quick Tips episode, Max what it looks like if you try to lift a vehicle with an over-tightened safety arm bolt. Don’t worry. As our resident portable car lift expert, he keeps himself perfectly safe at all times.

It’s a good idea to check this bolt before operating your lift, especially when using QuickJack for the first time.


    • QuickJack is Unlike Any Portable Jack System on the Market
    • Made With Advanced Safety Locks
    • Safety Locks Engage at Mid and Max Levels
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