VIDEO: Edelbrock Victor Series Water Pumps LS Engines

When it comes to the aftermarket for LS water pumps, there’s two things you need to know:

1. There are a lot of options.

2. Not a lot of said options are good enough for your engine.

If your LS is in need of a replacement or upgrade, this is not the area where you should be rolling the dice. In this video, August Cederstrand of Edelbrock explains why the Victor series LS water pump should be your next purchase if you want to protect the life and performance of your engine.

The Edelbrock Victor series water pumps are high flowing pumps that have been designed to maximize water/coolant flow, and promote equal distribution for street cars, race cars, and any vehicle with an engine you care about.

Edelbrock made every design considerations with these pumps to make sure they were ready to protect your engine and keep it cool. These aluminum water pumps have a CNC-machined housing with special one-way internal passages that offer more flow of coolant at higher velocities, even when you’re driving at low speeds.

CNC-machined, cast iron impellers are lager than other stock-style impellers, and have curved beans that create more flow, with less cavitation. Other design considerations include heavy duty roller bearing assembles that are made to tolerate higher torsional loads, billet steel hubs, ultra leakproof seals, and heavy duty gaskets.

The Edelbrock Victor series water pumps for LS engines are reverse rotation, and are available for a right or left line configuration. Their anodized bullies are available separately to complete the water pump setup from Edelbrock.

These water pumps provide a balanced high pressure flow with equal distribution to both sides of the engine block within 1%. It’s this superior flow and pressure that today’s high performance engine’s needs, and Victor series water pumps deliver! The pumps are dyno tested and proven, so you can trust them to cool your engine.

  •  Cast High Quality A356 Aluminum
  •  Heavy Duty 3/4″ Bearing
  •  Durable 3/4″ Pilot Shaft
  • Billet Steel Hub
  • Improved Impeller Design Increases Coolant Flow
  • Black Anodized Pulley Available Separately
  • Designed, Cast, and Machined in the USA
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