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If it’s finally time to finish your project car, or replace leaky fuel lines, Earl’s Performance Plumbing has you covered! They have just introduced their new UltraPro Series, made to stand up to extreme use and high pressure. These hoses and fittings are made with the latest technology and design.

The fuel that comes out of the gas pump is a killer for your fuel system hoses. It leads to vapor leaks, cracking, and failure over time. The Earl’s Performance Plumbing hoses are lined to protect against modern fuel and other fluids. These are also carbon infused to dissipate static charges. Even though they’re well lined, they’re highly flexible. The fittings are made for a positive fit each time, and are made to last, use after use. Learn more about them below.

Official Release:

Holley Announces Earl’s UltraPro Series Hose and Fittings

Holley is proud to announce the release of the UltraPro series of hose and fittings from Earl’s Performance Plumbing.


Modern day high-performance vehicles require a plumbing system designed to withstand today’s modern fluids, harsh environments, brutal vibration, flow requirements, and extreme pressures. The UltraPro series from Earl’s was engineered as a system to exceed the rigorous demands of even the most extreme forms of racing, but is also equally at home on the street.

Earl’s UltraPro Series hose features a carbon-infused PTFE inner liner that is impervious to all known fuels, oils, and coolants used in automotive applications while maintaining an ultra-low coefficient of friction to promote maximum flow. The double-helix ribbed inner hose liner offers extreme flexibility and full flow making tough plumbing jobs a snap with less hard connections. The liner is reinforced with an outside glass-fiber wrap for additional strength and integrity. It is available in -6, -8, -10, -12,-16, and -20 AN sizes. The polyester braid UltraPro hose is up to 67% lighter than traditional rubber hose with stainless steel braid while the stainless braid UltraPro hose is up to 37% lighter than traditional steel-braided rubber hose.

Earl’s UltraPro Series hose ends are designed to stand up to the same harsh environments, brutal vibrations, flow requirements, and extreme pressures as the UltraPro Series hose. The internal seals are a fluoroelastomer material which is resistant to all known fuel, oil, and coolants. Bends use a bent tube design for unmatched strength and flow, regardless of the severity of the angle. The hose ends are furnace-brazed for a permanent and robust bond. They are assembled with an olive that threads onto the double-helix ribbed inner liner of the hose for positive engagement and retention of the hose ends.

High-stress components are made of high strength 2024-T8 grade aluminum instead of 6061-T6 aluminum used by competitors. The design of the nuts, sockets, and swivels has been optimized for maximum weight savings. They also feature Earl’s popular ANO-TUFF™ black hard-coat anodizing that actually penetrates the aluminum for an extraordinarily durable and corrosion-resistant shield. Dynamic Swivel™ technology is used in selected hose ends which allows 360° of rotation after installation. They are available in both twist-on and crimp-on styles for more plumbing options. SAE port, jump size, and Wiggins connector adapters are also available.


  • Fuel hose is made to handle modern fuels
  • Hose is lined but flexible for easy use
  • Fittings are made for positive connection to prevent leaks
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