VIDEO: David Spade’s Buick Grand National Up for Grabs

The Buick Grand National has quite an interesting following, and many have even ended up in the hands of a few affluent people. One individual who currently owns one, is David Spade; former SNL star, stand-up comic and movie star. He’s been known to be quite the car guy, with his roles in Joe Dirt, Tommy Boy and his being spotted cruising in his Buick all over L.A. the past several years.

Last summer, he had a spot on Jay Leno’s Garage, where they discussed the history and the intrigue about the legendary Turbo Buicks using Spade’s personal ’87 Grand National for reference. David’s car is a well-used example, being relied on as David’s sole mode of transportation for quite some time — so it has some bumps and bruises, many of which Jay pointed out in the featured episode.

Now we’re not sure if David finally had his fill of the old Buick, or he received a lot of flack from people over the condition of his car, but whatever it is, it appears that he’s listed it on Craigslist for the next potential buyer to enjoy — and ultimately restore. According to the ad, the car has received over $7000 worth of repairs and upgrades since the show has aired, and most notably, the front and rear bumper fillers have been replaced.

There are other components that still need attention; the antenna is still broken, the center caps are missing, and the driver’s seat is worn to the point of needing replaced. We’re sure that there’s other issues, too, but that’s what we can see from where we’re sitting.

The car overall is certainly worth picking up and restoring back to factory condition, and the Spade connection makes it a bit more interesting. But the price is a little on the high-end for the condition ($29,500), despite the celebrity name on the title.


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