VIDEO: D3 Cadillac CTS-V Widebody

We’re always on the lookout for the unusual, interesting, and the overall badass cars to feature in our magazine. Whether it’s from a reader, a shop car or simply something we’ve stumbled upon along the way, if we think it deserves attention, we’ll definitely cover it!

We recently caught wind of D3Cadillac‘s latest CTS-V Widebody, and it looks incredible. Not just a cosmetic package, this particular example packs a seriously upgraded LSA engine, complete, with a 3.6L D3 Ultracharger, front-mount intercooler, camshaft and upgraded valvetrain, harmonic balancer and pulley, methanol injection, upgraded intercooler pump and topped off with long-tube headers and custom ECU tuning. The boosted mill runs on E85.

Underneath, the suspension has been fortified with a D3 coilover system, combined with front and rear sway bars. There have been various changes to the car’s aero, including a rear diffusor, roof spiller, front lip add-on and a D3 air inlet hood.

Sections of the car have been painted Dark Cherry Metallic, too, including the brake calipers and center sections of the hood and trunk lid. The competition wide body is still narrow enough for street lanes and parking spaces, as this car is still used regularly on the street.

Speaking of which, the wheels are Forgeline MD3P20, wrapped in Pirelli P Zero 305/30/R20 (front) & 345/25/R20 (rear), with a” gloss black center and chrome outer lip – it adds to the menacing look of the car and improves the overall handling and grip. It’s a complete package that definitely impresses and makes secondhand V2s even more appealing.


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