VIDEO: 2014 Cadillac CTS-V War Wagon

GM made the right call when they designed the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. You’d be hard pressed to find a badder wagon ever made than this batch. The only real complaint we have about them is that GM just didn’t make them long enough. On this episode of Combustion Chamber, we get a look at a 2014 Caddy CTS-V Wagon known as the “War Wagon”, and it’s easy to see how it earned that name.

Joe Tucciarone, the owner of this car, and the owner of the hat with a picture of his car on it, explains that he started looking for a new car in 2013. He was interested in a GM performance car, and they had just released the pricing information on the new Corvette convertibles. Joe went on to spec out a vert Corvette with the options he wanted, and saw that it was going to run him in excess of $72k, a number he wasn’t happy with. This prompted him to reconsider the idea of buying a Corvette, and also made him realize that he didn’t want something so many others had.

The 556 horsepower LSA package on this CTS-V Wagon is what caught Joe’s attention initially. After he got it, Joe upgraded to a cold air intake system and took it to the track where it ran 12.8 at 115 mph in the 1/4-mile, this was with factory tires and factory exhaust. Like all CTS-Vs, the big car gets its stopping power from Brembo brakes.

What makes this particular CTS-V Wagon even cooler is that it’s one of only 508 six-speed manuals made in the four-year run, and only 130 were made in 2014; so manuals are actually pretty rare when it comes to this body style CTS-V.

It’s obvious that Joe loves his modern muscle car wagon as the whine of the supercharger puts a smile on his face, even just as a passenger. Joe refers to himself as a hot rodder who never grew up, and we can all hope to be so lucky!

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