VIDEO: COPO Camaro Build Center Tour Sneak Peek

GM EFI recently stopped in at the COPO Camaro Build Center just outside of Detroit, MI. It’s here where drag racing meets innovation and technology, and collides with GM performance. Of course we have a ton of photos and information in the wings, but while we’re working on sorting through our complete coverage, we wanted to give you a little taste of what we saw.

Featured in this video is the famed 2017 COPO Camaro in all of its glory! Making it even sweeter is the fact that its a 427 equipped car, the big daddy of the COPO lineup. For 2017, the 427 itself has been changed up a little bit. Prior COPOs were using a production block, but Chevy Performance switched to the LSX iron engine block for this year. The compression remains the same at 13.5:1, and it has a set of high-flowing LS7 heads, fed by a Holley Hi-Ram air intake manifold. Inside the stout 427 are all forged internals and a super aggressive .630/.630” 233/276 degree camshaft.

Even though it’s hard to ignore that lopey cam coming from the big engine, this car isn’t ‘just’ a car with a mean powertrain,
it’s got everything it needs to back it up. It rides on a lightweight, adjustable coilover front suspension, four-link rear suspension with double-adjustable coilover shocks, panhard bar, and stabilizer bar, and steering is compliments of the custom manual steering rack.

The rear axle has an aluminum center section with lightweight steel spool and 40-spline gun-drilled axle shaft. Stopping power comes from its lightweight manual four-disc brake setup. It also has a unique racing wire harness and fuel cell with high-pressure pump to keep it fed.

This car is the finished product, but there’s a lot of technology and innovative processes that went into to make it happen. Want to know exactly what it takes to make one? You’re going to have to stay tuned to for the full story!

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