VIDEO: Chevy Gives the Skinny on the COPO Crate Engine

Powering the phenomenal 5th-gen Camaro COPOs are a line of factory built race engines, all tailored for the NHRA’s Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes. These engines are available through Chevrolet Performance, you can use them in your homegrown COPO, or any other car that needs some serious performance. This video gives us the breakdown of the COPO crate engines, thanks to Chevrolet’s Special Programs Manager, Bill Martens.

The 350 cu.-in. (5.7L), 396 cu.-in (6.5L). and 427 cu.-in (7.0L). naturally aspirated engines make a vehicle eligible for NHRA Stock Eliminator classes AA/S-D/S, depending on the horsepower and curb weight ratings. Their supercharged 350 crate engine is eligible for the AAA/S-AA/S classes.
These engines get the same design and production considerations as the engines that come in the COPO Camaros themselves. Each engine is hand-assembled in a special facility.

Since they’re built the same way, the power ratings should all remain the same; with the 350 making 530 horsepower, the 396 making 390 horsepower, the 427 making 430 horsepower, and the supercharged 35 making a whopping 530 horsepower — all carrying a recommended max RPM of 8,000.

All engines are based on aluminum blocks, except the supercharged 350, which is a cast-iron block with steel main caps. The engines, as they come in the COPOs, are made with the toughest, most durable internal components, and are given the best of everything. They have mostly forged internals, and a top of the line valvetrain.


Chevrolet Performance has yet to add these engines to their crate engine listings on their site, so pricing is not yet known. It’s safe to bet that they’re going to be above $20k each. If you want a super hardcore engine that meets NHRA regulations, that price point is going to be well-worth it to you. You can check out the specifications for the engine here on the COPO page as they are going to be produced the same. You can also score these crate engines through licensed dealers, such as Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center and Pace Performance.

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