VIDEO: Baer Brakes Releases New Camaro/Corvette EradiSpeed Rotors

Baer Brakes has just expanded its high-tech and innovative EradiSpeed rotor line to include rotors for the 2005-2013 Corvette Z06 and 2010-2015 Camaro SS. While the line has been around for a little while, they haven’t previously offered these premium rotors for these two GM applications, but demand has prompted their development by Baer. C6 Z06 and 5th-gen Camaro SS owners can now upgrade to the rotors that will stand up to the type of driving their vehicles are meant for.

The EradiSpeed line of premium rotors features a slotted, cross-drilled, zinc-coated, and directionally vaned designed. They are purpose-cast with quality iron to offer exceptional performance that far exceeds the factory rotor. These rotors are direct bolt-on rotors that require simple installation and no bleeding of the brakes. Learn more about these rotors in the official release from Baer Brakes below.

Official Release:

Baer Now Offers EradiSpeed Line of Premium Performance Rotors for 2005-2013 Corvette Z06 and 2010-2015 Camaro SS

Featuring slotted, cross-drilled, zinc- coated and directionally vaned units that are purpose-cast with quality iron materials for performance far beyond the factory units they replace. Furthermore, EradiSpeed´s curve-vaned design provides greater airflow and heat dissipation.

The EradiSpeed are a direct-bolt-on system with simple installation and no bleeding of the brakes. The EradiSpeed+ is a 2-piece design, with an anodized black 6061-T6 aluminum center hat bolted to the rotor ring, is specific to the EradiSpeed+ & EradiSpeed+1.


  • High-Performance Brake Rotors By Baer Brakes
    Now Includes C5Z and 5th-Gen Camaro Applications
    Direct Bolt-On Design

Check out this amazing Baer Brakes Made in the USA video while you’re waiting to order:


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