VIDEO: Camaro Makes its Debut in Detroit

Ahh, FINALLY! After months of torture, spy photos and general and literal teasing from various media outlets (including ourselves) and even General Motors, Chevrolet has bestowed upon us the 2016 Camaro in all of it glory.

Unveiled on the 16th of May in Detroit, Michigan, the automotive press went ecstatic when Chevrolet rolled out a group of the latest iteration of Chevrolet pony car, minus camouflage, everyone was ecstatic. Taking the evolutionary styling route, as opposed to a more radical design change that we’ve become accustomed to in past generations of Camaro.

With all of the changes that’s happening in the world, GM understands that the next era of performance will not only include V8 power and prestige, but will have to also reach out to V6 and turbocharged I-4 tuners as well.

Already shaping up to be the best well-sported Camaro ever built, the 6th-gen car is already making waves in the automotive press and in the enthusiast community. The Chevrolet brass understands the historic and passionate signifigance of the Camaro, and that’s why Mark Ruess, Al Oppenheiser and Alan Batey are interviewed by Dennis Pittesenbarger, one of the most-recognized faces in automotive media.

What the three individuals from General Motors point out, are the prominent changes in the car. While they all admit that the styling standpoint is more evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, there’s not a single component attached to this car that’s carried over from the previous generation. Just a fresh approach at a proven formula, using the latest technology that’s currently available for our time. Provided the changes and improvements that 5th-gen car had underwent over the years, we’re excited to see what Camaro Six will bring!

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