VIDEO: Camaro Celebrates 500,00 Cars Sold – 6th-Gen Sneak Peek!

It just seems like yesterday, but the 5th-gen Camaro is now over five years old and officially on its way out the doors with a replacement due for the 2016 model year. Its been a great run; sales have never been stronger with enthusiasts nevermore passionate about their favorite pony car. To paint a picture of how well the car sold, Chevrolet consecutively pushed more pony car metal than both Ford and Dodge, combined even, in some yearly quarters.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though, the car wasn’t perfect (because nothing is). But that’s what continual engineering improvements are all about. Always heckled for its size and weight, the 5th-generation Camaro was molded into an incredible driving machine with that of the SS 1LE, ZL1 and let’s not forget the tour de force Z/28 – the most track-ready Camaro ever built. Period.

To celebrate, Chevrolet released this little video to highlight not only the accomplishment, but the 5th-gen Z/28 and… wait for it… the 6th-gen Camaro! Yup, they’ve finally caved and confirmed that the camouflaged wonder car that’s been all over North America, Germany and your internets is the new Camaro – and then that’s all they give us. “Your killing us, Smalls.”

Thanks to our friends at who are unhealthily obsessed with everything Camaro (let’s be honest, aren’t we all?) we have the annual sales breakdown for every model year the fifth-generation car was produced. Check it out…


August through December 2009 61,648
2010 calendar year 81,299
2011 calendar year 88,249
2012 calendar year 84,391
2013 calendar year 80,567
2014 calendar year 86,297
January through February 2015 11,364
Total 493,815

With a smaller, lighter, more powerful, better handling and ultimately, faster, Camaro just over the horizon, we can only imagine what the sales will do for the new car! As Mark Reuss was recently quoted as saying, “If you liked the [current] ZL1, you’ll love the new SS.” Can’t wait.


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