VIDEO: Cadillac Escala Concept Debuts in Oscars Spot

Cadillac was once the brand that other automakers coveted. It was the be all, end all in luxury, technology and performance. Over the years the brand has tried to remain relevant and reinvent itself as the times and the trends had changed, often, with mixed results.

Once long, big and powerful Cadillac, by the end of the 1980s had found itself with shrunken down, FWD luxury cars that were barely larger than some of the most compact cars from Chevrolet, with mediocre engines to boot.

Riddled with cliches and stereotypes about their buying public, by the early 2000s they had realized that their brand needed a serious overhaul. At this point, only the Escalade was hot ticket out of the entire brand, made largely possible by the Hollywood and entertainment elite, as well as piggybacking off of the SUV craze that was happening at the time.

When the 2004 CTS-V hit the market, suddenly, an infestation of attention and potential new buyers hit the market, and the average age of Cadillac buyers had dropped from 62 to 57. Fast forward 12 years and the buying demographics continue to be younger than their forebears, but the high sticker price of the current two performance offerings tend to be a little out of reach with much of their intended market.

As a result, Cadillac has recently infused its entire lineup of of vehicles with modern styling, comfort and conventicles features and clever, sophisticated marketing. Always looking ahead to they future but never forgetting where they came from, Cadillac had run a series of ad spots during the 2017 Oscars to showcase their latest vehicles and a concept vehicle, including the Cadillac Escala Concept depicted in the video above.

Designed as sole a concept car that will lend its styling cues to future Cadillac production cars, this particular vehicle is simply a glimpse into the future.

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