VIDEO: C7 Corvette Gets Granatelli Ignition Upgrade

We’ll just come right out and say it; we’re a sucker for C7s. Especially convertibles. When the body style was unveiled almost two years ago, a lot of us were initially put off by it because it was so different than what we were used to from a Corvette. Crisp, sharp edges, European-like styling, and (gasp) square taillights!

Here we are today, and at least most of us, are completely won over – especially with that direct-injected LT1 V8 good for as much as 460 hp right out of the box. However, if you’re like us, then you can’t leave anything well enough alone. You always want more speed, more power, and maximum efficiency from your vehicles.

Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) recently released a complete ignition upgrade package for the Gen-V LT1, and they feature it in this really well-made video starring Joe Granatelli and a Cyber Grey Stingray droptop. Putting down before and after dyno numbers, the dyno graph clearly shows the owner of the Vette picked up 20 hp and 30 lb-ft. of twist to the tires with nothing more than a quadrant of GMS 80k coilpacks and plug wires. For a simple bolt-on upgrade, you can’t deny that it’s easy horsepower.

Of course, there’s always going to be those that will inevitably question whether or not it was actually the coil packs or the wires that increased the horsepower and torque of the Vette, and if the cool down time had anything to do with its power gains. That’s something we’ll have to test ourselves, personally, when the time comes.

However, we will state that Bruce Hawkins, owner of Hawks Third Generation, was once quoted as saying that the GMS coilpacks he installed on his personal Firebird, increased the performance and idle quality of his 700+ rwhp beast substantially. Both Joe Granatelli and Bruce are standup guys, so if they say that they work, we wouldn’t argue with them.

GMS C7-1

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